Ford keys carry a large amount of stock for all types of Ford keys and Ford remote key fobs, our services include same day service at cost effective prices.We believe our service to be one of the best in Dublin. All our auto locksmiths are trained to a high standard. Ford Keys provide road side assistance to cut and program new keys and or remote key fobs to suit your Ford vehicle

We have Locksmiths that are fully equipped with the latest technology which is up to the dealer level. Our experienced auto locksmiths in Dublin can complete a lost Ford key replacement in under 40 minutes on same day. We can provide various different Ford Keys.

Most main dealers will request you to get the vehicle to them, this can prove difficult when all keys are lost and can involve a substantial recovery bill. Unlike the Dealer, we come to the cars location and do all work on site in one quick visit, saving you the expensive recovery costs and hassle.

A main dealer may tell you that they need to change the complete lock system in order to provide new keys, at a significant high cost of up to €800. We will pick and decode your current lock and cut new keys for it, again saving you the cost of a new lock and agin taking the hassle out of it.

Dealers are unlikely to be able to offer you a same day service, we can almost always offer a quick same day service. Our Auto Locksmiths are only a call away.